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What is the Singhasari SEZ Scholarship?

The Singhasari SEZ Scholarship is a scholarship program provided by Singhasari SEZ and is intended for any Indonesian citizen who wishes to continue his or her studies to the postgraduate level.

What is the Singhasari SEZ Scholarship scheme like?

The Singhasari SEZ Scholarship is awarded for a Master's degree in a single degree/joint degree or double degree program with a maximum funding duration of 24 (twenty-four) months.

Education fund

What are the components of the Fund?


Enrollment Fund


SPP/Tuition Fee/Single Tuition Fee Funds


Book Allowance Fund


Thesis Research Fund


International Seminar Fund


International Journal Publication Fund

Scholarship application requirements

What are the requirements to apply for the Singhasari SEZ Scholarship?

General Requirements

Indonesian Citizen


Have completed a diploma four (D4) or undergraduate (S1) program for master scholarships;


Applicants who have completed their master's degree are not permitted to apply for this scholarship program.


Attach a letter of recommendation in accordance with the requirements. recommendation letters can be submitted offline (upload) signed by the recommender, submitted by uploading documents in the registration application and filling in the month and year data of the letter issued or signed.


For applicants with civil servant status, they must attach a proposal letter or recommendation letter from the Head of the Personnel Bureau / HR / BKD, which states the name of the proposed participant and has met all the required criteria;


Scholarships are only available for regular classes.

Special Requirements

Upload a letter of proposal or letter of recommendation to participate in the Singhasari SEZ Scholarship program from the place where the applicant works, signed by the Head of the Personnel Bureau / HR / BKD, which states the name of the proposed participant and has met all the required criteria for civil servant applicants.


For applicants who are civil servants, they are required to attach a legalized copy of the latest SK.


Meet the applicant's age limit provisions, namely the maximum date of birth that can be accepted is the age of the applicant 37 years in August 2024.


Upload a valid English proficiency certificate document, namely TOEFL ITP with a minimum score of 500.

Scholarship application flow

How to Apply for the Singhasari SEZ Scholarship?

Selection phase

What are the selection stages and timelines for the Singhasari SEZ Scholarship?


Administrative Selection


TPA Selection


Selection Interview

Revenue contribution requirements

What are the contribution terms of the Singhasari SEZ Scholarship recipients?

Scholarship Recipients must raise a thesis theme that can make an impact
positive to the Singhasari SEZ.

What is the desired format of essay writing?

Paragraph 1

Previous educational background, bachelor's degree for those who intend to take a master's program;

Paragraph 2

Job history or work experience that contains a description of the duties and main functions of daily work;

Paragraph 3

Reasons for choosing the desired field of study and how it relates to your previous educational background;

Paragraph 4

A research plan for your final project that will directly benefit the Singhasari SEZ, your institution and the development of Indonesia.