Get to Know Singhasari SEZ

Singhasari SEZ is the centre of digital technology growth and tourism which is located in the geostrategist area of Malang, East Java.

As the first digital- based SEZ in Indonesia, Singhasari SEZ offers the most ideal district to grow your business and investment. We commit to preparing specific digital talents for industry needs. Thus, it makes Singhasari SEZ was chosen as the pilot project of the first Education SEZ in Indonesia.


Clean water supply from PDAM

Internet Connection

Ultra high speed internet access by Telkom


2 stable power sources from PLN

Malang Railway Station

It is +/- 15 km to Singhasari SEZ

Lawang Railway Station

It is +/- 13 km to Singhasari SEZ


Citizen number is reached +/- 183.320 people (in 70 Km)

New Toll access

15 minutes from the new exit toll Surabaya-Malang

Abdul Rachman Shaleh Airport

It is +/- 15 km to Singhasari SEZ

Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus (KEK) Singhasari adalah pusat pengembangan teknologi digital dan pariwisata yang bertempat di area geostrategis di Malang Raya, Jawa Timur. Sebagai KEK Digital pertama di Indonesia, KEK Singhasari adalah lokasi terbaik untuk pengembangan bisnis dan investasi. Kami berkomitmen untuk mempersiapkan sumber daya manusia digital (digital talents) sesuai dengan kebutuhan industri. Hal inilah yang membuat KEK Singhasari terpilih menjadi lokasi pilot project KEK Pendidikan pertama di Indonesia.









Why Choose Singhasari?

Strategic Location

Geoeconomically superior with an easily accessible location. We are connected to three major transportation hubs in East Java. Access range includes Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, Tanjung Perak Port, and the Pandaan - Malang toll road.

Large Demographic Numbers

The large population of Malang Raya, which has the advantage of the Human Development Index (HDI) above the average of East Java Province, will be a capital for developing potential human resources, especially the growth of the digital ecosystem and the creative economy. Additionally, Indonesia is undergoing a major structural shift, namely, demographic bonus. The percentage of productive age group in 2025-2035 would dominate the population.

The First Digital Ecosystem in Indonesia

Singhasari SEZ concentrated on digital economic platform to synergize the development between tourism business and digital economy. The incorporated system will create a digital ecosystem unique to Singhasari SEZ.

Historical and Heritage Tourism

The regional geostrategic advantage of Singosari is the tourism sector with the theme of heritage and historical tourism. This theme is supported by the surrounding area, which has the value of royal historical sites in Indonesia.

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Easily reach Singhasari SEZ through available public transportation hub.

  1. 6 Km from Singosari toll gate in Pandaan – Malang toll road;
  2. 7 Km from Malang City within radius;
  3. 30 Km from National Park of Bromo – Tengger – Semeru.
  1. 70 Km from Juanda International Airport;
  2. 15 Km from Abdulrachman Saleh Airport;
  3. Jakarta-Malang: 88 flights/weeks;
  4. Bali-Malang: 8 flight/weeks;
  1. 100 Km from Tanjung Perak Port;
  2. 85 Km from New Terminal Probolinggo Port;
  3. 43 Km from Pasuruan Port.
  1. 15 Km from Malang Train Station;
  2. 13 Km from Lawang Train Station;
  3. Surabaya-Malang: 3 Executives;
  4. Jakarta-Malang : 2 Executives;
  5. Yogyakarta-Malang: 1 Executive.


Our team consists of Subject Matter Experts with various backgrounds and experiences, ranging from Economy, Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Information Technology, Multimedia Production, and Public Policy.

We work closely with both the local and international governments, education institutions, corporates, media, and communities.

Hartanto Yuwono, Joe
President Commissioner
KRAT David Santoso KR
Dra. Melia Budiman
pak arno
Director of Investment and Finance
Dr. H. Purnadi
Yahya Salim
Kriswidyat Praswanto
Corporate Secretary
Nathania Limanto
International Relations Manager

Understanding Our Industries

Creative Industry
Tourism Sector of Singhasari SEZ

The Center of Historical Tourist Attraction in Malang

Singhasari SEZ is located at the foot of Arjuna Mountain, a supporting facility of Bromo Park Tengger Semeru. In13th century, this area was the centre of one of the most influential kingdoms in Southeast Asia. And now Singhasari SEZ has a collection of 1000 different plant species with a total of 50.000 plants have been planted in the 600-700m up in ocean surfaces.

Land Area
120.3 Ha
Technology Sector of Singhasari SEZ

The Center of Digital technology in Malang

As the first digital SEZ, Singhasari SEZ aids digital developments for technology investments to achieve a better Indonesian technological advancement. Singhasari SEZ welcomes any technology investment in the forms of cloud computing, smart city, digital economic platforms, and others.

Education Sector of Singhasari SEZ

Education Ecosystem Development Center

Singhasari SEZ is the first SEZ Education pilot project in Indonesia, which is expected to be able to produce Human Resources (HR), especially digital talents by collaborating with local and international educational institutions.

5 Companies
Land Area
120.3 Ha
Human Resources
6.863 people
Technology Sector of Singhasari SEZ

Center of Creative Industry in Malang

Singhasari SEZ supports the development of creative industries in Indonesia with startup investments. In October 2022, Singhasari SEZ has inaugurated Animation and Film Factory (AFF), the largest animation and film center in Indonesia.

5 Companies
Land Area
120.3 Ha
Human Resources
6.863 people

Need more information?

Singhasari SEZ is open to any business investment and ready to grow together. Learn more about collaborative rules and other information here.

Available Resources


Water Utility

Clean water supply by PDAM with Water Reservoir 100 m3/second.

Electricity Service

Uninterrupted dual-source power supply by PLN with Electricity Capacity of 15 MW.

Internet Connection

Ultra high speed internet access by Telkom.


The total population reaches +/- 183,320 people (within 70 Km).

Singhasari SEZ Attractiveness